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A lovely rather hot day. Still so weak that I can barely move. It was Rosie’s day and I spent most of the morning and afternoon asleep on the bed I now have on the verandah. Rosie cleaned my flat and then went shopping for me. I have some tidbits of good taste now. I thought it was Miss 5’s orientation for Kindergarten and I waited for a phone call but none came. I called after school and spoke to Miss 8. Orientation is tomorrow. She said that they had a good Halloween. Later in the day I heard a brushcutter real close and it was indeed in my yard. The young man from next door was doing the dead branches of the bananas and other feral plant life. It looks good now. He trimmed and trimmed. Deb will be glad because the snake may find it more difficult to get on to her verandah. Once you have seen someone die in an instant like Izzy, nothing is really the same again. I am still struggling across the desert and swamps and fierce oceans on the other side of that. Today – the roses are pink and smell sweet. Tonight – the world is quiet and bed is nearby. I am off the walker and mostly off the stick but a little shakey on balance.The fluid is easing. I have some strange hive like things and some blood spots. I am too weak to do much but I was able to shower. Good Night World. I do like living in you.


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Today was our Committee Meeting for the October weekend at Villa. I am still very unwell but Maybe took me down and they went to the beach while I was in the meeting. I was not very useful but I was impressed by the rest of the Committee. We just might pull this off.

Catering is organised and much of the Music. It could be good.

The Kids and me, we went for lunch at the Villa Cafe which is great food.

I am going to put some of the snippets from Facebook about Sepsis up because that is what is dominating my days at the moment. Even more than my Kids or the Weekend. I am very swollen with fluid. My hands are clawing. I can barely eat from the pressure of fluid. I am weak and struggling to even walk. And I am sinking into a depressed state.

It could be the Hep C. It could be many things. But the Sepsis is the one that matches the symptoms for me. Well – PSS rather than Sepsis. I am not flogging myself tonight and am beginning to lighten up o myself once more.


But I would like to breathe and move easily again.

I was just looking at a ;picture of a Peach that I was given for my 66th birthday at the Beachshack. I remember looking at it and realising that I had thought I would never again taste PEACH. I actually didn’t taste much of that one either because the Little Girl had never had one and seized it and was in Paradise. Much of my life is like that Peach. Suddenly I realise how many things I have put in the ” I will never again experience that” basket.

Like having a helpmeet and moving easily and all manner of things. Having a good car again and a boat. All manner of things.


So I sit here at night knowing that my emotions are dying. I can look at things and people I know I love and feel very little. I am so focussed on just surviving. And then as the night goes on I seem more able to breathe and I relax somewhat. Things seem safer and easier – late at night.



Post Sepsis Syndrome -PSS Support


How do you get diagnosed for PSS? I have all the symptoms from the page on sepsis trust, I had sepsis in December 2017 through pneumonia, since then I have been constantly ill, I’m only 27 and supposedly should be recovering quick and well according to my doctor, I haven’t had any professional help, support or after care. I have severe depression and anxiety. I don’t think my doctor knows what PSS is, how will I know if that is what I’m going through if the doctor doesn’t know? Has anyone got a diagnosis and how did you get that? Thanks for your replies in advance, any advice is appreciated


From full independence to bedbound, needing daily assistance. Thanks Sepsis.


People just don’t understand the aftermath, sepsis is life changing.


It changed me and I don’t recognize myself. I miss being me.


Fighting for your life, struggling to heal. It is a battle that creates warriors.


A paler more fragile shell of former self physically leaves you mentally fogged with only a ghost of your mind intact. pschycically with one part of you here ,another part of your spirit at the door of ethereal shadows .


Septic .,… I never knew was that meant until it attack me., I live my life wondering where it is now. On July 31, 2018 I was admitted to the hospital for 9 days I had my gallbladder removed. I fear that it’s around me but I can’t see it I can only feel it. The worst pain of my life. According to me I felt as if I was dying nobody explained anything to me. I was so scared I made a (Will) on my phone I emailed it to several people. I live my life so different then others. This sepsis monster has changed my life forever. I can’t sleep and if I sleep it’s a few hours, someone mentioned it’s from the antibiotics but does matter anymore it has taken my life but not my heart .!
I struggle each day but all I can do is just take it one day at a time.


Sepsis didn’t quite kill me, but it took a part of me with it.



Well. I have been home for days and days going silently insane. Its 4 years since I was put into the coma. I seem to be retreating into a similar sheltered place. I don’t even want to see my beloved little girls. Normally nothing makes me feel that way. I figure this will pass but for now I am in a deep mourning which is in its own way exquisite. So long as I can find my way back out of it one day quite soon. Here are some of the things that happened in that time.

from Facebook

Mum. We have a lot of things that we need to do together. We need you to get through this. I miss you xxxxx KATI

Chris Goopy It’s so quiet here without Lynne

Sandy Tempest Yes it is sending you love get well soon

Vanessa Gould Nugent It is VERY quiet. My news feed just isn’t the same without all of Lynne‘s posts. Sending much love your way. xxx

Trish May Morning Katie…hope today brings good news. Take care and love to your family.

Cheryl Bellamy Kati let your mum know we are having withdrawal symptoms without her “presence”. Love to all of you & hope she improves today

Karon Lydford …Dear Lynne, ..hoping we hear you are coming good today! ..such a beautiful morning you would love …Kati it won’t be long until you get to share some lovely summer days with your mum and your lovely girls again…hang in there, if you need any help please let us know….big hugs xox

NEIL That’s 2 Friday nights in a row Lynne that you have missed … you better have a good excuse! 😉

Chris.  11 sep 2014

Many of you know of my friend, Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite …perhaps by her sharing of grandiloquent words… can you please spare a moment to send her positive thoughts as she is very ill battling pneumonia… and is on life support. It’s only a short time ago that her beloved partner, Izzy Foreal passed away suddenly. Her family has had more than enough sadness.

from jenni my landlady at the time. She knew I loved the sunrises there at Raleigh and that I photographed them most days.


Lynne they call this the Rose of Sharon – I reckon its a hibiscus, either way Google supposedly doesn’t lie, so i will post this as the “The Rose of Sharon”. Today is a good day to wake up Lynne, the fog is lifting and a beautiful day is emerging all we need now is your smile and quick humor xxx


Last nights full moon, a beautiful distraction. For you Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite and Kati Braithwaite xxx



Good Morning LSB. I think you’ve had enough beauty rest now my lovely. All it takes to wake the sleeping princess is the kiss of her one true love. So Iz, if you wouldn’t mind giving things a bit of a nudge we’d be most grateful.

Patricia Le Gardien So beautiful words Ree…
Sharon Ibbotson Yea Iz – give her a kiss and send her home now!!!
Dorothey Roberts A very good post.Must admit I have been asking for intervention for her as well
Karon Lydford …so lovingly succinct, love it….so many people taking deep breaths for you Lynne and whispering in your ear to wake gently up..xo


From Sharon.

Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite

another sunset over our beautiful river. Love you Lynne xx

Noreen Russell Home now how’s Lynn doin Shaz…any improvement?????

Sharon Ibbotson She is still asleep Norsie, her body is still fighting the bug xx

Noreen Russell Thank god for that….ikeep praying for her….thanks Shaz love ya xx


We are sending this to Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite
We love you!



Here is your daily flower picture until you are ready to start posting yours again. Keep up the good fight. I’m jonesing for a good snake picture. Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite
Hi Lynne 🙂 we are all batting for yaxx



Good night.
(and special thoughts for my beautiful and strong Friend Lynne )


Lynne can never resist roses, so let’s start a rose chain for her… This is Princess de Monaco, my favourite rose… it has the most amazing perfume…




One of my favourite spiritual places. Thinking of you Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite


As said Denise, please don’t miss this beautiful Spring.


So miss Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite‘s witty posts hurry up an get well Lynne …..



“Another update on Mum. Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite.
Things are still pretty serious. I will keep this simple as it’s all very complicated and I don’t want to give the wrong information. The pneumonia has spread through most if her lungs. At present it is getting worse. They are still hopeful that if the antibiotics start working that she could improve. This does need to happen soon as her lungs can’t take much more. Staying hopeful at his stage. Lots of positive thoughts everyone! Thanks for all your kind words and support.”
from Kati her daughter.

“Quite a few of you have been asking for an update on Mum Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite Yesterday they stopped Mum’s sedation. We are still waiting for her to wake up. The pneumonia doesn’t appear to be getting worse but her lungs have been badly damaged. It is just a waiting game at this stage. Thanks again everyone”


Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite

I hope you are having sweet dreams ….. Xxx

my half a dozen chins are up! ( if you are up


sending some biccies & cheerio flowers from the Blueys dear Lynne ..


Ree Evans Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite is missing from all of us


Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite you are making me into a Facebook tragic. I keep checking it hoping to see you have come back to us. Everyone is sending you best wishes & lovely pictures & that’s not working. Perhaps we should start trying to annoy you

SHARON : Its Thursday, 18th September, you are still the most popular sleeping beauty in the shire! Sending you much love and light Lynne. XX


three days off facebook and look what happens? Sweety… I miss you: you’re lightness in the dark, your truth in the face of adversity and your joy of little big things; like flowers and sunsets and children and farm settings and good music. Please get better… please, please, please get better


I know you love the yellow robin Lynne, so I’ll share this one with you. I hope you will be back with us soon. I miss your musings and our chats. Kati, any chance of an update?


Kati I know there is more going on than what we are seeing. I am from a distance feeling so much for you and how you must be feeling with your mum’s situation. I’m hoping you are finding a moment every now and then to relax and smell the wonderful roses Lynne’s friend send. Be gentle with yourself and take care. I await Lynne’s return as so many do.


We are all waiting for you to be with us again. It’s a bloody tough wait. So hurry up! I refuse to tell our little girls that you aren’t coming back. I love you so much xxxx

An update on how Mum is going. She still has to come out of the sedation. The main concern though is that her pneumonia is not getting better. This is because they are having a hard time finding what is causing the pneumonia. The large range of antibiotics that they are giving her aren’t working. We are hoping that in the next few days that they can find the bug and that she starts improving. We will know more by about Thursday or Friday.

Tony Dewberry My hopes for Lynne never leave my thoughts. My best wishes to all your wonderful family at this very trying time. We live in hope.

Denise M Barker I know Lynne isn’t Buddhist .. I’m saying prayers anyway. They might work

KATH It’s your kinda day out here Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite. Time to come back now. xx

chris. Wish you’d just asked who cares about you rather than all that drama… if ever you had any doubt, just read the messages… now take your time, do as you’re told (well, most of it) and come back with all the cheek we know you for …So glad to hear from you…
Thanks, Kati, for always letting us know how Mum is, despite your own pain…




Oh Dear!!! I had no idea of your troubles Lynne. I have not been on FB for such a long time, so I didn’t know there had been no postings from you.Lynne you are one of a kind. I am so fond of you although we have never met. Please get well soon however at your own pace. We are all waiting for the return of our wonderful, beautiful Sage. Big Hug ♫ ♫ xxx

NEIL Getting tired & bored talking to myself, come back soon Lynne

PEARL : Okay folks have tried to bully you out of the sickbed, others have sent hearts and flowers and still you are in hospital. What about if I said I was going to hold my breath until you come back?

JULIA : Hello beautiful Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite… Julie came to visit you today… Held your hand and whispered sweet dreams and prayers to you… Come back to us when you are ready… You must need the rest sweetie… We will all be here when you do. Love from me

21 SEPTEMBER 2014 


Hi everyone. Mum is awake. She is responding by nodding, turning her head etc as she can’t talk because she is still on the ventilator. Very frustrating for her but she is ok. We are so happy that she had reached this stage. The specialist seems very pleased with the way she has improved over the last day or two. They are thinking about taking her off the ventilator tomorrow or the next day if things keep going the way they have been. She is bloody amazing. Anything can happen at this stage but we are hoping for good things. Thanks again everyone for your kindness and support.

Kirsty Louise Bamback Bloody hell woman, about time!!! Has she been nagging for FB time ye

Karen Sanders Darby Great news so glad she is on the mend hope she is up and about soon for you all

Kirsty Louise Bamback That’s when we know we are hitting the smooth sailing scene 😉 I am so happy for you, Jim and the girls 😘

Steven Guy Smiling here

Marguerite Montes Very good news. I am overwhelmed. Lynne is amazing. Tell her we miss her. xxx

Kati Braithwaite Thanks everyone. She still has a long way to go. But definitely some positive steps.

Denise Head What a relief! You must be feeling wonderful Kati! x Great news!

Jeffrey Bibby Good onya Lnne made my day

Mary-Ellen Peters Kate… please pass on my love.. and tell her from me I said SPEAK to this and tell it to get the hell out of her body – Stat. xxx


Well there you go. No wonder I could not perish. I don’t think I have read these properly before.