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Another of the odd things that happen nowadays. I was out amongst the people at Open Mic. Good people. Kind people. Suddenly my energy to deal with them just ran out.  I left. 

I was awake for dawn. It was a good dawn. 

I went to the Open Mic. Very crowded. Very crowded. Some good music but I am not much of a listener. I bought silver earrings as well. And I took myself for a short drive along Gleniffer Road. I was enjoying the Open Mic and then along came the Exclusivists , the private alternative school people with a young lass doing a most out of place piece of theatre with almost no audience skills and an excess of confidence. When she had finished pretty much all of her followers left. Bad Form . Bad form. 

And then home for sunset. Home for sunset.

The Music World was my world whilst I lived with Izzy. It never had been but it became a part of the gentle rhythm in which we lived. It is strange  for me to sit as an observer instead of his  Lady. Nonetheless I go – once a month when I can face it. My friend Annie runs it and she is a good woman. So I go. She brought a picnic basket with cups of tea out into the forest when we were placing the three ironbark benches there. She is a drummer and a sound woman. One of the Musos was what I call a real Muso. I was watching him and thinking that it would be interesting to be lost in the Music and just plain playing with an ornery attitude. Not me. I don’t do Music. But it reminded me of me young when I first encountered a bit of the harder music and liked it.